About Us

The Brown Sugah Lounge


A Dallas Based poetry group whose goal is to spread love, awareness, education and encouragement, in its expression of words through poetry and community support, while also providing a platform for others to do the same.

TBSL is a vision and movement presented and brought to fruition through hard work, dedication and sacrifices, which was created, birthed, cultivated, bathed and soaked in the ideas and passions of the talented individuals who make up the foundation and body of the TBSL poetry group and movement, also known as "The Brown Sugah Lounge House Poets". The current team includes:

CEO/Owner/PR/Marketing/Promotions/Event Planner-LyriK Hunter (Poet/Artist/Host)

Founder/Owner/HypeMan/Events Coordinator- Reign Ifa (Poet/Artist/Host), 

Co-Hosts/House Poets/Artists- Alex "SpokenWord" Frazier, Metcher Maa, Keith "Big Brotha Almighty" Boykin

Event Manager- Te Mathis-Frazier.

Collectively, their talents include, world influencers, authors, speakers, community activists, entrepreneurs, models, artists, national performers, and a host of many others.





Our Mission is to always open our hearts, minds and doors to receive and represent love and the expressions of all, in ways that encourage a no competition environment and encourages everyone, no matter their experience or style, to come out and share in a safe space where all are free and welcome to release their feelings and expressions of life, in their own creative way(s), while doing so respectfully, and without fear of judgment.

The Brown Sugah Lounge is making a mark on the streets of Dallas and beyond, with no plans on slowing down any time soon.  The dream and vision for the Growth of TBSL is breaking barriers and building new bridges. Be sure to Check out the Monthly Open Mic shows scheduled every 4th Saturday (Sometimes 5th :-) )!

"It's a Love Jones Stride, with a conscious Mind Vibe....WELCOME HOME and COME CATCH THESE VIBEZ!!

#StayDrippin #DrippinBrownSugah #WherePoetryResides #FollowTheDrip and catch us if you can in these #PoeticStreets