GNO, similar to but unlike Cher, Madonna, Prince, and other single named divas, counts himself as a largely self-taught and self-motivated artist with a desire to play a larger role in the creative arts community. He has made the 2005 list of “One of the 64 People Making Dallas Hot” by D Magazine.  GNO has dabbled in a broad range of artistic endeavors that have allowed him to work on projects ranging from music videos to corporate marketing campaigns. Along with his premier poetry performance troupe OIL (Ordained in Lyrics) he has done voice-over work for McDonalds, NBC, and other corporate entities.  Hailing from Dallas, Texas, GNO has been writing, creating, and performing creative works of literature, music, and film for over three decades. He is published, with his most noted work being “Process of Confession” , a short collection of poetry. He has been featured in a number of anthologies and literary reviews and is a twice National Poetry Slam finalist and a one-time Champion (1998 and 2001).  GNO has a BA in Literary Studies and a BA in Art & Performance as well as an MFA in Art & Technology from The University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently a higher education professional and serving as the Asst. Director of Student Life Programs at his alma mater UT Dallas.