Alex "Spoken Word" Frazier

Alex "Spoken Word" Frazier is an east coast artist that hails from the NYC/Newark, NJ area. Moving to Dallas, TX in June of 2000 it is here that he found his niche for poetry and spoken word.

After befriending local giants like Brenda Randall and Michael Guinn it was then that Alex began to get better at his craft. He has been fortunate enough to share the same stage with national powerhouses such as Verb Kulture and Rage Almighty, and is a force to be reckoned with in this art form.

Whenever he is fortunate to get on the mic to perform, his goal is to leave the audience in a better state of mind when it's all said and done. You will truly enjoy his style and what he has to say. You can currently find him monthly at The Brown Sugah Lounge events locally here in Dallas.